Fine Art Projects

Hi, I'm Sue, a Portrait and Conceptual Fine Art Photographer, based Austin TX.

My goal while creating fine art is to awe and inspire the viewer.  I produce strange pictures that are typically in between gloomy and whimsical and occasionally both.  My art frequently contains a lot of deeply personal emotions; it is both my voice and a means of communication.  The majority of these pieces are self portraits created from my visions and fantasies.  

I'm an Austin, Texas-based self-taught digital artist. Since I was 14, I have been honing my photographic skills.  When I first saw Jerry Uelsmann's work, I was motivated to start making strange art. In contrast to typical photography, I use my camera and imagination in these pieces to capture concepts rather than moments. 

Artistic Process: I was a software engineer for many years.  As a result, I approach my art in a very logical way. In order to determine how to capture each component of each notion so that the final composite flows together gracefully, I decode the parts in my head.   Each image is made up of numerous individual photographs that I combine in Photoshop while also adding new colors and textures. Despite the fact that post-production work on each shot is time-consuming, I always aim to get as much in camera as I can. Everything ultimately boils down to problem-solving and achieving the seemingly unattainable.  In my work, I try to capture a world that exists somewhere between dreams and reality. 

I work on both personal and commissioned projects.

Examples of my Process

We'll Make it 

Video of the Process


Get in touch at Sue@SusanLocke.Photography